Why i quit my job

okay okay…I didn't quit, but I put in my two weeks’ notice.
I have been comfortable working for a Construction Company for almost 3 years.
The pay is great, and the people are sweet, but guess what ??? I am not happy and I haven’t been for a while.
It has nothing to do with the company! It's not them…it's me. (sounds like a bad breakup line I know) but it’s the truth.
I am 25 years old, spending 5 days a week, 8 hours a day in an office. I know what my role entails, I know how to do my job… but that’s just it..
I’m living on repeat everyday…
Where are the lessons? Where is the growth? Where is the excitement?
Is it crazy to leave a well-paying job with a set schedule in search of happiness and new skills?
HELL YES!! and I would NOT be able to do this without the support of my husband to be.
On top of it? I have no for sure replacement position. *GASP!*
I have had an interview or two, but no set-in-stone, documented job offers.
Now listen, I have always been a responsible person, I had my first son at 17 so I had to grow up and find a consistent income and I had to do it FAST. I did just that though,
I mean besides the Military, I’ve only ever worked at The Home Depot and in Corporate Construction. I was at both companies for years but what I've learned from those positions are the only skills I have.
There’s SO much I need to do and learn! I want to GROW!
I want to serve tables, or work at a gas station or serve wine. I want to care for babies or elders or help teens. I want to fumble and fall and make stupid mistakes and find something I like! I need more. More knowledge, more experiences, more fulfillment.
I do understand me leaving a position with no replacement is risky, irresponsible and some may even say stupid. I probably wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for my fiance saying, “I’ve got us until you figure something out”.
I feel like he says that because he knows I will! I will figure something out because he knows good and well I am the type of female who NEEDS to make her own money.
Maybe working in construction is what am I supposed to be doing and if so? Great! I will come back to it but I can't live with all the what ifs. "What if I tried this" "What if I did that". Comfort zones are a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.
I don’t know much, but I do know, I love my kids, my fiance, and running my online store. I know I hope one day I can do that full time and make enough money to support my family.
Everything else? I’ll figure out along the way.
Stay tuned folks…this is just the beginning.