Vlogging and Backlash

Guess what folks ! My fiancé, son and I decided to start a family vlog !! My fiancé and I are both total kids at heart and ever since we met (like THE DAY we met), we roast each other, play pranks and totally mess with each other !! Between me slapping him with a tortilla and bubble wrap under the door mat we goof around A LOT ! We both know our limits and what buttons NOT to push while still keeping things exciting.  


Adrian, my 9-year-old, has ALWAYS wanted to do a “family vlog” because he says, “we do funny stuff as a family and it might make peoples day”. It was never a serious idea until recently.  Recently we decided to foster a dog for the Santa Barbra Animal Services and on our way to Santa Barbra to pick her up I thought to myself…”Lets make our first video !” Adrian has ALWAYS wanted too, plus this might motivate people to adopt our dog OR another cutie in the shelter who needs a home. SO, we did !! You can find “Fostering Roxy” at “Meet the Moran’s” on YouTube.


Just like we expected, we got a bit of backlash. I was telling an old co worker about it and she joked “ Blog, Vlog, Store, Regular Job, Jeeze are you ever happy with one thing?”




“Hell yes ! I love my life dude, are things perfect ? Heck no BUT I LOVE trying new things ! Why ? Because that’s how I grow and learn ! If YOU want to be stuck doing the same job, and have the same hobby for 40 years and you’re happy ? Good for you !  I’m glad ! BUT that’s not me ! If I want to work 2 jobs, raise two kids, run an online store, and HAVE family fun on a vlog then I will !


I’m starting to realize I simply love creating !!! Content, stories, blogs, vlogs, shirts, mugs. Anything I can create that will make something go “OMG SAME” or laugh or smile, I’m game. Even if you read my blog and HATE what I do, but it makes you feel better about yourself ? GOOD 😊 I’m glad I helped.


My fiancé is the SAME way, he works full time serving beer, sells growler caps, runs a Beer page on IG, creates BBQ seasonings, runs a meme page on IG AND still finds the time to be a badass finance and father. The hustle is real in our household folks !  Don’t get me wrong, we get way more support than we do backlash ! People have no idea how much we appreciate them and always liking, buying, and promoting our content. ! We are blessed !

Like the great Elbert Hubbard says “ Don’t take life too seriously, no one gets out alive anyway ”

Thanks for reading !