The Life of yours truly

My name is Irene Marquez, I am a 5’3 Latina female. I am currently in Construction Management at a beautiful family-owned construction company in Sunny Central Coast California. I am currently assisting the overview of 8 active construction jobs on Military bases all over the world. I am a United States Army Veteran, who chose to enlist in the Armed Forces after the birth of my son. I graduated at the top of my class in Army Basic Combat Training to prove to myself I could. I served a grand total of 4 years in the armed forces while working a civilian job and raising my son. After my contract was up, I chose not to re-enlist... I had already proven to myself I could and that was enough for me. Now here I am, managing construction projects, learning every aspect of the construction industry I can, from creating building plans to pouring concrete. I am also engaged to an amazing man who treats me like an absolute queen.! He is the type of man every little girl dreams of marrying, right down to the opening my car door. (who knew men even still did that!) My son who is now 8 years old adores him and tries to copy him in every aspect. I know what you’re thinking. “Jeeze, this broad seems like she has it all together” and so it may seem from the outside.
I get asked advice from my friends and coworkers as if I can give them some sort of life-altering advice on how to balance it all. The truth is? I have NO idea what the fuck I am doing.
Much like many of you, I don’t LOVE my job. Don’t get me wrong, my co-workers are beyond sweet and the company is family oriented and the “team building” beach days aren’t bad either. Most would call me…lucky. I work a set schedule, 8 hours a day 5 days week with an hour lunch, comfortably behind a desk when I’m not on the job site. (Job site trips are slim). However, the office setting absolutely overwhelms me! 8 hours of nails tapping on a keyboard or stacks of paperwork that seem freaking endless! The deadlines, the contracts, the invoices, and pissed off Sub-contractors who work on our job sites and are mad we won’t pay for their dam taco bell, or gas to the job site even though it was NOT in their contract. It all seems so tedious! the routine of all is enough to drive anyone mad. The constant complaining from coworkers about the receptionist burning the coffee or not ordering the right type of stapler, It just seems fucking ludicrous to me. IT DOES THE SAME THING! The stress of not going over budget, the micromanagement and recording every penny spent. The excel spreadsheets to track other excel spreadsheets ...(there are SO many dam spreadsheets!) I get compensated… well, to deal with what I do but I find myself wondering…is the income worth it? The long boring repetitive days, the dreading work, the missing school trips? I'm sure that is a question many of us it worth it?