I was MOM Shamed

If anyone follows me on social media you know I'm not shy about complaining about motherhood. I'm also not shy about posting how freaking adorable my kids are. However, with a recent post I was "mom shamed" I posted a mom meme on my personal Instagram story and got a response that went a little something like this:
"Why must you post negative things about being a mom? You're going to scare pregnant women with their first child. You shouldn't put anything negative ever about motherhood"
Since you are an active follower and are reading this now I will say to you and everyone else thinking the same thought;
Kindly fuck off. Not all of my posts are negative. If you know me? You know my kids come before I do. You know I have separation anxiety when I'm away from them. You know I'm constantly worried about their well being. I'm not negative. I'm real. Social media is full of fake photos, fake lips, asses, fake fortune, fake happiness. My opinion? To each their own. If someone's social media is bugging you that much? There's a block button for a reason. Tap it and go about your fucking day.
Motherhood is beautiful and I'm blessed to be a mother because not everyone can. Nothing beats hearing your 8-year-old say they love you or come home SO proud of themselves for something they did. Nothing beats the feeling you get when your child runs up to you and hug you for no reason at all. Nothing beats your newborn smiling at you or calm down at the sound of your voice.
Motherhood is absolutely amazing.
It's also rough though, It is crying while holding your baby because you have tried everything and they won't stop crying and you have no idea how to help. It's feeling like shit because your child did bad on a test and you beat yourself up for not studying with them enough. It's looking at the stretch mark's on your body from bearing children & wishing they were gone because maybe..just maybe then you would be prettier.
It's naive to think raising another human being is a walk in the fucking park.
That's the fucking problem with social media. Everyone wants to be famous, everyone wants to show they are "living their best life". Everyone posts selfie when they are all dolled up. Girls shake their asses for Instagram. Men flaunt their cars and money. Moms post their kids when they are doing something cute. You know what? That's fine. It's their life, their page. TO EACH THEIR OWN you judgey sack of poop.
Just know? Everyone is positive on social media even when it's fucking fake.
Shitty personalities, bad hygiene, and bad intentions don't show up online. I refuse to be another perfect mother. I refuse to pretend I have it all together in order to gain followers. I'm going to be real so I can hopefully make an impact on one person. If another mom reads my stories and feels a little less alone? I've done my job. I'd much rather have that than have another mother look at my "perfect" page. Of my "perfect" life and my "perfect" family and think to herself. "Why can't my life be that way?" I'd much rather relatable and funny then envied.
So if you don't like my content? Push the little block button on the upper left-hand corner of your page and do us both a favor.
Motherhood is chaos! beautiful, joyful, and the best thing that has ever happened to me! But chaos none the less.