"Fake it until you make it" is bullshit

Social Media, is one of the most powerful tools to date!
We connect with old friends and make new ones. We keep in touch with distant family members or stay in touch with the close ones. We use it for shopping, makeup tips, recipes, and health motivation. Social Media is used for everything from business development to personal life.
Jan 1, 2019, I launched the store portion of mommasaidthefword.
Aside from Mom Bosses inquiring about a product, I’m ALWAYS getting DMS like “Grow your business with us” or “Buy followers for your business” and “cash for company reviews”.
Most I don’t respond too, and those super persistent company’s get a professional response.
There just so happen to be ONE “professional company” that was extremely obnoxious.
I REFUSE to “fake it till I make it”. I refuse to “buy” followers.
The point of my fucking blog is to CUT THE BULLSHIT.
I don’t have a lot of followers right now? So, what! Those that do follow me? Are positive people I want around! They motivate me in life and vice versa! I don’t have a huge customer base? SO, WHAT! Trust my bank account... I am making sales and feeding what I make back into the business because I find this FUN !! I love this shit.
I don’t get tons of likes? It's not all about the likes!
Yes, more would be great because more likes equal more views, equal more business BUT I just started!
I am still figuring it all out and falling in love with the process.
I would rather start out slow, work my ass off and build a genuine business then fake it.
Why? Because most of the time ? People know when a profile buys followers and likes! People can see past bullshit! Don't these “Social Media Marketing” companies understand that?
I LOVE that satisfying feeling of getting a DM that says, “OMG I loved my package” or “OMG your blog made my day because I go through the same shit
I love the authenticity of it.
I will choose real slow hard work over easy cheats and cut corners any day of the week.
So, fuck “Fake it until I make it” because in my opinion? I already have.