Beyonce Lied

Girls do not run the world....Who ever works hard enough does. 

I got asked the other day at work..."what do you think about feminism, I feel like you would be kind of a feminist".

My response?

"Feminism, racism, and politics are not good work conversation but what do you do for fun?".

Mic drop

Topic change

"Feminism definition ; the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes."

Do I agree with that ? Yes.
Do I believe some "feminist" take it to an extreme? Yes.
Would I categorize myself as being a feminist ? No.

I believe there are 2 genders. I believe people have the right to believe there are 10 genders. If you want to identify as a Unicorn and walk around with a horn on your head covered in glitter ? Do it & my soul is happy, your soul is happy !!!

Do I believe you should be telling our children they are unicorns and forcing them to wear a horn on thier head and cover them in glitter? Fuck no.

(Yes I am being extreme in my examples but you understood it, didnt you?)

The general idea of feminism is amazing.

Women should have the same rights as men, women who qualify should earn the same as men. Our opinion should matter !!

Women who play the victim and want to bitch and complain they dont get paid as much as their co worker who's a Male. Even though he has been with the company 3 years longer and has a degree in the feild ?

I dont play that.

Equal means just that. Equal. If you are a feminist who wants everything handed to you because you have a vagina ?

That's bullshit.

If you are a fully qualified female with the same time in the company and same education as your Male coworker and same performance but get paid less ?

That's bullshit.

I didn't answer the question because it's not work talk but I also wouldn't know to put that into a clear and concise sentence for someone to understand.

I'm not a feminist I'm an equalist.

If that's even a thing. 

"Everyone of our paths is different, yet we walk them together" - Reyna I. Aburto